Get Started with the ScreenAware Time Tracker

1. Download the Background Time Tracker

ScreenAware tracks your time in the background automatically. For this to work you need to install the background time tracker. Click the button on the right to download the installer to your PC.

2. Install

Once downloaded, execute the file ("ScreenAware_Setup_latest-release.exe").

Note: As ScreenAware is quite new, Windows might complain about the downloaded file not being recognized (which means Microsoft hasnt seen ScreenAware being installed thousands of times yet). Please note that the warning is not about the installer being evil or containing a virus - just it not being recognized yet.
If such a warning should appear, you would need to hit "More info" followed by "Run anyway".

After the installation is finished, ScreenAware will be present as an icon in your tray bar running in the background. Additionally a window for the initial setup will be shown - see next (and last) step: 3. Setup

3. Setup

After installation you will see a window to setup your ScreenAware account. Enter name/email/password.

Next add one or more projects you are currently working on and describe them with some keywords each.
This is important: the more unambiguous keywords you enter the more you help kickstart the learning process of ScreenAware to detect what project you currently work on.

Now you are done. You can close the window - ScreenAware will attribute your screen activity to the project(s) you setup automatically.
Visit to see and export the resulting timesheets

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