ScreenAware Terms of Service

Hello there, I am Hinnerk, founder of ScreenAware.

By using our services (in particular the ScreenAware desktop sensor, and the websites as well as, you are agreeing to the following (very limited) terms and conditions:

  • You must be 18 years or older to use this Service.
  • You cant run bots/scripts against the website(s) above.
    Of course doing so using the public API as documented at is more than encouraged :-)
  • You accept that the ScreenAware sensor, after you install it on your local computer, may and will consume a moderate amount of battery and network bandwidth (during irregular software updates, the sensor may download about 70MB of data though).
  • You accept that due to financial or other reasons we could be forced to discontinue this service. In such a case we would inform you via email at least 1 month in advance and provide the option to download all your data stored on ScreenAware servers in a machine readable format (JSON/CSV).
  • You accept that during the free public beta of ScreenAware API and features may radically change. Additionally it may happen that some part (or all) of your historic data is lost due to necessary changes to the underlying ScreenAware system (this is quite unlikely though, but better to be honest here).

Also see our privacy policy

Please dont hesitate to send any questions about the Terms of Service to me at

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