Automatic Time Tracking

Use your time to work,
let ScreenAware worry about your time sheets.

Hmm, how does this work?

  • You install the ScreenAware desktop app which runs in the background
  • You set up your projects in ScreenAware
  • From now on ScreenAware automatically matches the time you work on the computer to your projects and clients, yay!

What do I gain?

No more annoying timesheets to fill out. The ScreenAware dashboard shows how much time you spent on each project automatically. You can export and print this report for more accurate customer billing or for your own project management.

Ok great, but ...

Will all my desktop activities be tracked?
That's up to you. You can choose to track everything, only specific times or set breaks or track only specific applications. For this purpuse we have set up blacklists and whitelists and made it really simple for you to edit them.

So you will grab and sell my private data or what?
Your data is yours and yours only! No one else will be able to see what was tracked unless you share it with them. Of course all data is being sent and stored in a secure way. Your trust means the world to us and we wouldn't risk loosing it. Get more details on this in our privacy policy.

more Questions?  check our FAQ

One, two, launch!

We're just ready to let the world experience how great ScreenAware is. Be an early user and test it right now, downloading the automatic time tracker for your platform below. You'll get two free months of usage and our eternal thanks :-)

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